SEO for Contractors and the Construction Industry


Contractor Marketing

When you are starting out, you assume that you just need to get a website up – and the money will begin to roll in. In this day, with the recession rolling along it’s a nice thought. But don’t be taken in by that thought. It takes work, and if you have no idea what is going on online when you first begin-well, realize you have a learning curve to conquer. So let’s look at the basics of your website.

When constructing a website, there are certain elements that are becoming more and more important in the eyes of Google. It’s SEO and your website formatting that is now, more than ever, becoming intertwined. So, what does that mean for the individual putting up a website? Let me explain.

First, when constructing your website, you should try to be aware that the data should:

1. load quickly
2. navigation should be easy to follow for human and search engine alike
3. sitemap should be descriptive and accessible

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Why should you look at these three elements? These three elements can help your website to become more accessible to the search engines. Let me explain.

Is your website Loading Quickly?

When you construct a page, you should always ask yourself-“Is my web page loading fast enough for the user? Why? Load speed is beginning to gain more emphasis in the eyes of Google. Which means, they are going to include this in their algorithm of elements to consider when measuring page rank.

They feel that page load speed can offer the user a greater experience, and you, the webmaster, a better opportunity to make money. Thus, take the time to test your web pages before you put it online. It will save you time, with rework. (Please note: load speed alone will not give you revenue, but it does give users an opportunity to view your content).

Contractor Website Navigation and Sitemap

Website navigation should easily direct the user to where they want to go on your site. If the navigation is confusing-know that the user will only click away, and look elsewhere. And, it can hurt you with the search engines. Why?

Both website navigation and your sitemap can open the door to both, users and the search engines. They both, if you have presented the information in an understandable hierarchical way, can lead to Google giving
you a breadcrumb in the Serps. A breadcrumb is an added link, under the main link to entice the user to your site.

Though I have directed my conversation toward the structure of your website, in fact, I was indirectly
talking to you about SEO. This is one important part of advertising your site online. Why? It helps your website to be seen, to get traffic and if your content is of quality, revenue.